The 20th Street Historic Buildings at Pier 70 include eight large office and industrial historically‐significant buildings built between 1885 and 1941, totaling approximately 300,000 square feet on seven acres. The complex was home to one of the largest ship repair yards on the west coast, and may be the most intact 19th-century industrial complexes west of the Mississippi River.

The design team is working closely with the Port of San Francisco to upgrade these Industrial structures for compliance with today’s seismic and accessibility standards, and ready for twenty-first century uses. The new program elements envision office, manufacturing, public experience venues, restaurants and industrial activities. The project requires careful attention to preserving the historic construction, ensuring that it is in conformance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for historic preservation.

The historic buildings at Pier 70 pose multiple challenges, most notably, urgent need of repair. The largest of the buildings, a two block long unreinforced masonry former machine shop, has been red-tagged for years and was in danger of collapse by the time the project team began construction.  The design team developed a building within-a-building concept that preserves the historic perimeter brick walls, reduces the cost of temporary shoring and retains the open volume in the 62-ft-tall space. 

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