Alcatraz Photography Studio

The original function and date of construction of the building are lost to history; the building looked as though it may be about a century old. When the current owner acquired the property, it was being used as a Halloween costume rental store, and was a rabbit warren of rooms overflowing with inventory.

The new owner is an artist who is widely recognized as one of the past century’s most internationally acclaimed photographers. The artist’s work is physically monumental in scale as well as content, powerfully navigating extremes of topics that are political and aesthetic. The new project removes the original second level, to create a lofty main gallery space and a smaller, better positioned mezzanine overlooking this gallery below. In addition to his art being in the permanent collections of major museums around the world, his newest projects are routinely scheduled to travel for exhibition in various venues. Thus, the gallery serves the function of enabling the artist to design and create actual exhibit layouts at full scale with museum-quality lighting. 



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