The Orange Park Recreation Center at South San Francisco’s largest public park adds new, multipurpose community space to this already important recreational venue.  The spacious 6,400 square foot structure is dominated by an airy, light-filled multipurpose room used for hosting all cultural, celebratory and recreational events.

The large interior space has a permeable connection to park outside with three walls of windows opening up onto patios sheltered by the building’s deep roof overhangs.  These occupiable spaces provide a shady place for visitors to enjoy the activity of the surrounding park.

The environmental and material features of the project contribute to its architectural expression. The building is oriented for optimal sun exposure, and the deep overhangs and sunshades maintain views while minimizing heat gain.  A reflective coating on the roof further reduces the load on the building’s four high-efficiency AC units which distribute cooling through a modular vent system that is finely tunable to programmatic requirements.  Fabric duct “socks” replace traditional galvanized steel HVAC-work, and provide draft-free airflow through continuous small perforations.

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