The Randall Museum offers the children of San Francisco a unique opportunity to learn science and art in classrooms and through interpretive exhibits.  More of an interactive teaching facility rather than a passive holder of exhibits, the museum has always been singular, both in its physical amenities and in its mission statement.  It combines classrooms and learning laboratory both indoors and outdoors.  Sited on a virtually untouched 18-acre site on Corona Heights with spectacular views overlooking San Francisco and the Bay, the museum trails provide for hands-on nature investigation and learning in an extraordinary outdoor setting.

The Museum engaged Ms. Wong and Mr. Logan, then principal of ELS/ Elbasani & Logan, to produce a long-range master plan of expanding the built facility, while integrating the site learning resources. The long range master plan includes integrating site learning resources and other outdoor functions, and expansion of built facilities such as indoor classrooms, library, interpretive displays, lobby, laboratories, and a theatre.

Phase I of the master plan was built immediately.  The new children’s theatre also serves as lecture hall for science demonstrations, music performances, live performance and film.  This teaching and performance facility, The Randall Theatre, received design awards from American Institute of Architects and the US Institute of Theatre Technology.

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