Since the client is a leading developer and manufacturer of solar power technology, all aspects of the project reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability.  Materials were also selected for their inherent beauty, durability, and industrial-Modern design sensibility to complement the historic building shell.

The offices inhabit a single vast, open space of nearly 200,000 square feet and contain numerous departments and ancillary areas.  To accommodate the seemingly contradictory objectives of defining different areas while preserving the airy, unconstrained feeling of the historic volume, the floor itself takes on multiple key roles.  Besides setting the aesthetic tone of the office, it is used as a device to create “blocks” defined by the grid of a hierarchy of “streets” and “alleys,” defined by material and finish, which in turn created the boundaries of public use areas, departments with workstations (carpet), conference blocks (concrete with inset carpet) and the executives’ section (bamboo).

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