USCG Waste Water Facility

The new Training Center replaces an existing, non-compliant Water Treatment Plant at the Coast Guard’s Petaluma TRACEN campus. The upgraded facility meets the complex programmatic needs of the water treatment facility, including a headworks structure, equalization basin, secondary Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) treatment plant, drying beds, expanded storage ponds, spray fields, and tertiary treatment through on-base landscape irrigation.  Storage capacity increases from 13.7 million to 70 million gallons while recycled water disposal consists of approximately 25 acres of landscape irrigation (tertiary treatment), and agricultural spray field disposal capacity (secondary treatment) increases from 28 to 80 acres.

This project meets the needs of a TRACEN Petaluma population up to 2200 personnel with a nominal cost to provide additional sprayfield equipment for effluent disposal as the population increases.

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